Swimming Pool Building Process

 In general

Building a pool is a systematic process.

  1. First comes the site excavation. We have to check for underground wiring and cables to make sure our excavation does not disturb any existing infrastructure. Once we get the green light we mark the space and bring in the equipment to dig out the hole for the pool.
  2. The water lines must be run out to the pool area and to the pool and be buried underground.
  3. The rebar gets cut and molded to form the shape and support of the pool to give strength to the shell walls and floors when we pour them.
  4. We recommend that pools be made of ShotCrete. Some people use the term Gunnite which is a just a different brand name.
  5. The tile and finishes are applied to the hard surfaces in and around the pool.
  6. The equipment is installed and the pool prepared for the family to swim..screenshot-2016-09-16-16-34-51
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