Professional Pool Maintenance Service

Montego offers ongoing care for your pool from a one off service request to weekly pool maintenance. Either way, you can count on our trained professionals to keep your swimming pool in  swimming condition.

We can work with you to determine what your pool needs and develop a maintenance schedule that works for you and your budget. Let us help you enjoy your pool.

Contracts Save You Time and Money!

 We can offer substantial savings to you with a maintenance contract to provide regular service. Isn’t it nice to know that the job will get done right and right on time. That way your family and friends can enjoy the pool or spa whenever, without the hassle of you having to do it yourself.

Pool Maintenance Includes:

  • Vacuuming of the pool and spa, as needed;
  • Skimming of the water lines;
  • Brushing of all surfaces, as needed;
  • Check and adjust water chemistry levels;
  • Empty debris from automatic cleaners, skimmers and pump baskets;
  • Clean all small filters and screens;
  • Backwashing and cleaning of filters as needed.

Leave the pool maintenance to the professionals and we’ll leave the swimming to you!

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