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Endless Pools Fastlane Swim JetI do triathlons which require a great deal of training in three sports. Running and biking allow me to run out the door get my training session done in an hour and I am done. Although Patrice and I have a nice size pool in our backyard, it is not long enough for my training swims. Constantly having to do flip turns annoys me. So to do my swim workouts I have to drive to the pool, change into my suit, do my workout, shower and drive home which adds a precious hour that often I just don’t have.

I am in the process of installing Endless Pool’s  Fastlane swim in place system into a pool I am building in Inman Park. There are many types of swim jets on the market, but I have done the research to find the the system that provides the best swimming experience,  is easily installed in new or existing pools and is well supported by the manufacturer. Fastlane  met all of our criteria. I’ll let you know how it goes. Maybe something you want to consider?

See the Endless Pool Fastlane system in Action.

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