Spring Time Pool Evaporation

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In the spring in Georgia we experience cool nights and warm days. Along with these temperature differences, we will experience evaporation in our swimming pools. Evaporation drops the water level on swimming pools and makes some homeowners believe they have a leak in their pool. The homeowners add water to bring their pool back up to the correct water level then the very next day the water level is down again. Montego Pools gets numerous service calls this time of year for leak detection.

In an effort to alleviate the confusion between evaporation or a leak (and save our clients money for a service call fee), we will help our clients determine the difference. Leak detection is costly and to help you discover the cause of your water loss can be as easy as performing “the bucket test”. The instructions for this test are simple and can be easily done by you, our client. All you need is a bucket and a marker.

  1. Add water to your bucket. Mark the inside of the bucket where you filled the water.
  2. Set the bucket in your pool on one of the pool steps.
  3. Mark the outside of the bucket where the waterline is on the outside of the bucket.
  4. Let the bucket sit overnight (24 hours is best)

If the water on the inside of the bucket remained at the level where you marked but the water level on the outside of the bucket dropped from where you marked, you indeed have a leak in your pool. Otherwise, if the level indeed did change on the inside of your bucket as well as on the outside, you are only experiencing evaporation which is normal during spring and fall seasons.

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