Save Money by NOT Closing Your Pool For Cooler Seasons

 In Off Season

8181-6273When summer comes to an end, most people think it’s best to cover their pool when, in fact, it’s more economical to leave the pool open year round. Leaves only fall for 5-6 weeks, and when they are done falling, you don’t have to run your equipment or balance your water chemistry, the water is too cold for algae to grow.

All the pools we build are equipped with a freeze guard to ensure your pipes nor equipment freezes. What this does is it ensures that when the temperature drops the freeze guard will turn on your equipment. Running water cannot freeze so your pipes, as well as your equipment, is safe from any damage due to cold weather. You get to enjoy your pool year round and save money on your power and chemical bill. You also avoid the large expense of closing and opening your pool. Fall and winter in Georgia are a great time to be outdoors enjoying your outdoor fireplace and outdoor kitchen, and you don’t want to have to look at an ugly pool cover. You’ve invested in a beautiful pool, why not extend your living area and enjoy it year round?

A lot of pool companies don’t tell their clients they can leave their pool uncovered because there is a large profit margin to do pool opening and closings. We want you to enjoy your pool area and will always make recommendations to help you get the most out of it and extend your living space outside. Why not save money and enjoy your pool the fullest while you’re at it? Call us today to discuss your options for off-season pool enjoyment.

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