Pool Maintenance in the Southern Pollen Season

 In general

We are in the infamous southern pollen season! We see it on our cars and feel in it our eyes. Pollen is a microscopic round or oval grain that comes from our trees and flowers. It makes our pool’s water and waterline appear dingy. As pollen falls and lands on your pool water, it appears that your pool isn’t circulating. If your equipment is indeed running, the skimmers and returns are working correctly. The water circulation just can’t work as fast as the the pollen is hitting the water.

Pollen will also cause an annoying yellow ring around the waterline of your pool. The pollen will not damage your plaster, pebble finish, or your liner. The pollen ring is easily washed off but is always quick to return.  Also, if we are having a high pollen day, it will cause your water to have a slight green tint. This slight color change does not mean your water chemistry is out of balance. The pollen is simply acting like food coloring dying the water.

Some other things to look for caused by pollen is your filter being clogged.

There are professional skimmer socks and fine mesh filters you can buy to attach to your skimmer basket to prevent them from being clogged.

To save money or time, another option is to use a pair of mesh stockings (pantyhose) or cheese cloth that you have lying around your house.

If the pressure on your filter is ten pounds above normal clean operating pressure, it is time to clean your filter.  (Please stay tuned for my next blog on filter cleanings…..) Montego Pools recommends running your filtering system throughout pollen season.

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