Commercial Pool Contractor Experts in Safety

Montego Pools is experienced in the construction of commercial pools. Since Commercial Pool construction has specific safety requirements, we take  special care to insure that your establishment will meet the local codes. Whether for a hotel, apartment complex or community center, we understand and are experienced in making sure the pool is constructed to meet those requirements while insuring that you get the best looking and most pleasurable pool to use.

With our experience in pool design and construction, we can help you select the best shape, size and style to go with the design of  your hotel, apartment building or swim club. and the characteristics of your property. Therefore, we can help you design and build a high quality pool while staying within your budget.

We can construct your pool and or spa whether it be located outside or inside. And, we specialize in commercial pool construction for difficult to reach site locations.

Montego Pools recommends commercial pool construction to use state of the art ShotCrete product which creates a safe, easy to clean, long lasting, high performing swimming pool.

Additionally, we will also provide regular maintenance service for your pool and spa to keep it in tip top shape for your guests.

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